Blynd (English)

Blynd is a Cypriot's Band, listen to them here !

Among the many things I love about metal, it's the fact that it can be found everywhere, even where you least expect it. In less quantity than our Scandinavian neighbors or American, but I remember my surprise when I discovered great bands from countries such as Singapore (Wormrot), United Arab Emirates (Nervecell), or Kenya (Absence of Light).

The band we want to highlight here comes from a European country, but little known, Cyprus (you know, this small island cut in half since 1974 not far from Turkey, Lebanon and Syria).

The band’s name is Blynd. Since their formation in 2003, they released two demos and two albums. Currently, their record label is Pitch Black Records, Cypriot team that is responsible for releasing their second album, but also having to their account other local bands or not, such as Illnath from Denmark or Marauder, a Greek band formed in 1990.

Of their two albums, I would recommend the second Punishment Unfolds released in late 2012, more melodic but still brutal, which might sound like No Return to some. However, the first album The Enemy is very good and should be listened to in order to get an idea of their potential.

If you doubt the capabilities of Blynd to become a great band in the future, you have to know that the band is back from a European tour with Cradle of Filth, God Seed and Rotting Christ, they opened for Sepultura, Anathema, Sabaton and Children of Bodom to their coming to Cyprus, and that the group will play this summer at Metaldays Festival (ex Metalcamp).

Anecdote: Metal Cunt saw them June 2nd, 2012 in Cyprus at the concert of Children of Bodom, and I can assure you that our bodies and our ears remember their performance.

So if you're at Metaldays this summer, or if you have some money to spend on CD, you know what you have to do.....

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