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After the review that Metal Cunt made of the last Album of Bad Bones. We had the chance to interview the Italian Hard Rock band, thanks to François, french manager of Bad Bones.

-Hy ! Thanks you for answering our questions! 

Hi I'm Steve Bass player and songwriter of the band, I'm really happy to introduce our last album Snakes and Bones to the french rockers!

-So, we’ve listened to your last album Snakes And Bones which came out in the end of 2012. Can you talk about it, what were your feelings during the recording?

Snakes and Bones is our 3rd album, the recordings started at the end of june 2012 and ended at the end of July, the album has been recorded at the Modulo Studio in Cuneo with the producer Riccardo Parravicini. The composing process has been very fast, we started working on the new tracks on april while we were on tour and kept on playing shows even during the recording sessions, we wanted to maintain the same "live" attitude. This album is the first album featuring our new singer Max, we are very happy of the final result, he's a really talented singer and he had a killer attitude in studio! We had great times and fun working on the tracks and I hope people will share this feeling listening to S&B.

-Can you explain for our French readers what Bad Bones clearly means?

Bad Bones…well…it's a funny story…we started the band like a funny game in 2007 we played our first show after 5 days we been together, supporting another combo in a small club near Genova, we played the first 5/6 songs we composed, and at the end of the gig all the people wanted to know the name of the band…we didn't had a name yet! Everything happened so fast that we didn't realized we needed a name…so we took just a few minutes to decide the name of the band…all the people waiting …we started thinking about the lyrics I wrote…inspired by my life and experiences…and Lele said "hey Steve…it looks like your closet is full of bad skeletons…" I starred at him and I said…"what about Bad Bones as a band name?" all the guys said yes!!!!…and so we became the Bad Bones, I think we are the only band in the world who shared this kind of decision with the fans!

-So what is the “spirit” of Bad Bones?  Your state of mind. Do you define yourself as all these other Hard Rock bands?

The title of our first album define us pretty well…"Small Town Brawlers"… we have that kind of underdog attitude, we are really happy with our outsider fate, we love to rock hard and be tough guys but album after album we found also a more  intimate and bluesy touch, our sound is a mix of hard rock, southern rock, blues and a little bit of metal and even punk. we are a family, we moved to LA between 2008 and 2009 and that experience changed a lot our point of view thinking about life, and our sound too…the Ventura County's winds blows in our songs…and the California sun burns on every word of our lyrics!
We are different from other bands just because our music reflects our story…and our story is unique, in 2008 we left our jobs and home and families in Italy to go in the US where we survived living like homeless between mexican gangsters, feeling the hunger and the desperation of the life on the streets of a big city like Los Angeles, but through all those difficulties we made it, we found home in Ventura, we found a manager new friends that helped us and we played lots of shows around…from the Whisky A Go Go to Hollywood Rock Convention with Pretty Boy Floyd and Enuff'z'Nuff, Long Beach, Glendale, Ventura and other places…since those days we flight back to California each time we have a new album to promote ..and our fan base is growing day after day!


 "We are different from other bands just because our music reflects our story…

and our story is unique"

- What are your influences? We all know how extensive is the Hard Rock scene, do you want to create your own style, or do you want to represent the 21s century rock?

Well, basically Thin Lizzy, Motorhead, ZZTop, Ramones, Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Led  Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, G'n'R, Pantera and Alice in Chains, but  I think that after 3 albums we can say that the sound of the band is well defined, in the way that we worked hard to find our personal sound and time after time we get our trademark, now, with a talented singer like Max we can expand our music in different vocal ranges and be a little more melodic without losing the power of our 70's hard rock wall of distorted guitars.

- We know that you just came back from a US tour, how was it? How was the American public? 

California is our second home, as I told you before we spent lot of months there in the last 4/5 years and we act like a local band there. we have a good following. To play at the world famous Whisky in West Hollywood is always a great honor and this year we headlined the friday night, so it was a great thing for us, we played in San Francisco for the first time and then back south to Ventura County, Downtown LA and Long Beach, the tour ended with a sold out show at the Beachcomber in Oxnard, our American hometown. the fans are simply great, we built an invisible bridge between europe and USA!


- What is your definition of your music? Because in your album, we perceive a lot of different feelings. 

We play hard rock, we love vintage guitars with their crunchy sound and we love the power of the high volume r'n'r too, we love the catchy choruses and the sound of the Mojave desert, we are inspired by The Doors and Alice in Chains even if sometimes we play like Ac/Dc covering Black Sabbath…we don't lose our time thinking about our influences or trying to replicate a sound, we just plug and play, jamming on an idea and then all I have to do is to put together the whole thing with words…I know exactly where my brothers find their vibes, it's only a matter of driving the magma in to the right stamp…than you got to cool it and watch your creature in the eyes.

-Do you have project for the future? In US? Europe? What about the French public?

The future is always unknown, but I'm really happy to tell you (and you are the first to have this news) that our album is actually sold out so it will be re-released in a special edition with bonus tracks in he next months, so another tour will start from Italy in autumn and for sure we will play around Europe and probably in France too, we will be really happy to meet the french rockers! we have been there in 2009, playing in Nice …having great time, we really love your country, you have great musical culture!

-Do you have any concerts planned in France?

I know that our management is working on it…so, cross fingers!

- Thank you for answering to our questions! To conclude, what do you want to say to our Metal Cunt readers?

Thank you very much for this interview, we can't wait to meet you and the Metal Cunt readers soon on tour!
Keep on spreading the word about underground rock and metal, the coolest music is faraway from stadiums and big arenas, take a look in the neighborhood's garages and your city's small clubs…there you can find the true spirit of rock!