Interview THE OBELISK (english)

-First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

No problem, thanks for having us!

-Could you tell us a little bit more about yourselves?

Sure, we’re just two guys from the Chicago-area (United States) & have an enormous love for music.  We grew up listening to music heavily, especially metal. I (Pierre) started teaching myself guitar since I was 14 years old.  Josh has been doing vocals now for about 5 years; he started playing bass then when the opportunity presented itself took the lead vocalist position in his old band which led to us meeting at a local show in the summer of 2011. Right now, we’re just working, going to school, & trying to support ourselves.

-You just released your second EP called Microcosm, did you had positive feedback so far?

Yes, absolutely! We’ve had a generous amount of downloads & some fans donated little increments of money, which isn’t anything we strive to do, make money off our music, but it’s extremely helpful. Considering it’s just Josh & myself doing everything, it can get quite costly.

-As I mentioned in my review, you went from 5 members to 2 members only. Did that influence the writing and recording?

It definitely influenced the sound off our 2nd EP. Instead of catering to 5 different people in the group, we only had to run every new idea to each other, which yielded more results.  In a sense, it was more work for myself to program the drums, write out the bass parts & record all the rhythm/lead parts, as well as edit some of the lyrics, but it was easier to get finished, because I didn’t have to constantly check with other members. Plus, it was a fun challenge!

-I noticed a difference in the sound of Microcosm. It sounded less like Deathcore than the first one. Is it just my impression or was it planed?

No, it’s very true, it’s less “deathcore” sounding. It wasn’t so much as an intention, as it was a natural evolution in our songwriting. Josh & I love deathcore bands, but the scene is just saturated with breakdowns & ‘deathcore’/’djent’ bands. It would be unfair to our influences to just stick to a deathcore sound. We love all genres of music, including pop, hip-hop, as well as classical music. Not there’s anything wrong with just doing breakdowns & deathcore style music, Josh & I just wanted to do something out of our comfort zone, musically speaking.

-What are your influences? Any French band among them?

Oh man, so many! First & foremost: Gojira. Not just for being French, but the music itself is marvelous. I love everything they put out, but from Mars to Sirius was just an incredible influence on my playing & song writing. Meshuggah is an obvious one. Meshuggah is just so damn heavy & innovative, their influence on us dictated a new way of writing music, things like odd time signatures & polyrhythms. Veil of maya, which is from our home town Chicago, really influenced my guitar playing early on. I also love non-metal stuff, anything from Bjork, Ratatat, to Stravinsky. Other French bands would have to be: Gorod, A.I.(d), Betraying The Martyrs, and our homies in Weaksaw

-Is a full length album planned?

Yeah, most definitely! Most of it is already written, we are just gathering what is going to be included in the final cut. From what we can sense, it’s going to be anywhere from 8-12 songs. It’s sounding extremely melodic, but extremely aggressive, it’s probably the most aggressive work we’re going to be putting out.

-Any tour date so far?

Not yet. We are dying to tour, but we need members in order to do so. We are currently auditioning drummers, bassists, & possibly a 2nd guitarist, so whoever is reading this, please hit us up!

-Is there anything you wish to say to your fans and to the Metal Cunt readers?

Thanks for all the support! We hope you enjoy our new EP: Microcosm! We hope to see you guys at our shows in the future! I’m going to refer to my future ex-wife “Metal Cunt” just for you guys! Haha

-Well, that’s it. Thanks a lot again for your time. I wish you all the best and I hope we’ll hear from you guys soon!

De rien! Thanks for having us!