Overwind - Illustrator (Eng)

This is the first time I get an album coming straight from Russia! Overwind band offers their first album Illustrator coming to us thanks to M & O music. Little information about the band circulating on the internet to present them. This band is considerated as rock-metal prog, and Illustrator is their first 10 tracks album. Here is the line up that I found, I hope that i won't scratch the names!

Line up:

Alexander Chumakov: Voice
Anton Emelyanov: Guitar
Misha Gigava: Bass
Sergey Krasnozhen: Drums

It starts very quickly in a prog metal / industrial, which makes me think deeply to Porcupine Tree prog side and Rammstein regarding the industrial way. Alexander's voice is closer to a heavy power. Title Giant Leap quickly brings very gradual bases in the sound, also closed to a Dream Theater. Despite an under 4 minutes. Anton Emelyanov offers us the same solid opportunity and very noticeable mastery of his instrument.

If the progressiv side of Overwind is noted, the band are not insensitive to very modern and industrial music, led by keys which are present on the entire album.

We better understood throughout the album why we try to categorize the music in prog,honestly ... the prog structures is not really clear. However, the sound let us quickly think about this style. Thanks to changing structures and thanks to an important sounds panel. Moreover, the title track Illustrator will confirm this impression because it « Illustrates » the hybrid efficiency in this production (as Daily War).

We also like the power provided by Sergey Krasnozhen with a double pedal that is frequently find. Moreover, the instrumental ensemble is executed brilliantly, despite the complex structures. Nothing special to say about the voice executed by Alexander (with his characteristic and clear voice). But perhaps you are asking yourself what language he sings? I assure you, it's in perfect English. No Russian accent, it's clean. But out of curiosity I would not spit on a title exclusively Russian.

We had previously mentioned Porcupine Tree (huge band that I really appreciate thanks to this little guy with glasses : Steven Wilson). The solo on « Justice for Sale » sounds "very" Porcupine, very familiar with the technical registry.

Honestly, Illustrator is an album we can listen without problem, the titles all bring a little something and the music is accessible. Even at first listen, keys can surprise. I like the mixed side put between industrial and prog. The Russians play on both land effectively.

For now I can only applaud the control of all the musicians even if I could not see as it should be the playing of Misha, which was a little behind in the mix but it is illustrated with talent on (Broken Spell). There are also some less violent titles like the excellent Crystal Prison brilliantly announcing the transition to the end of the production. The last piece Overwind marks for the last time instrumental mastery and for good reason, this title is only instrumental ...

Overwind is a promising group, with a huge potential. The cross between industrial and prog makes very interesting Russian performance. This first album is in my famous list "best releases 2014" where I categorized all small groups that I received by Metal-Cunt. A pleasure to have reviewed them!

Guys, you are welcome in France !